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Love, Drugs, & Hip-Hop Season Two by Aaron Bebo


Annie O is the Queen Bee over Global Entertainment. The music business will never be the same. Especially after she reaches back to the mean streets of Brooklyn to recruit a young hungry hustler named Chase Wild.

Chase and the Wild Ones are Annie's go to people for drama in the industry and out. Fresh from the grimy hoods of Brooklyn. The music business is like the world of make believe. In comparison to the real beefs they have on the streets they're trying to escape.

Trey is still keeping his hopes at being the best rapper alive. In the turbulent world of emceeing. When he's not watching the throne. He's trying to groom his new artist Ginger Bread. A hard spitting female emcee from the rough streets of Philly.

Tina continues to thrive in the music industry, but she realizes the man of her dreams. Poses in front of a cracked mirror.

Nothing is what it seems to be. In a world full of imaginary players. Season Two Starts Now!!!!!


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