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Boo Thang by Aaron Bebo & La'Tanya west


Boo Thang is a fast pace love tale filled with a dangerous mixture of love, lust , desire, deceit, trust and tyranny . Gemini a quick witted ghetto diva on the come up by any means necessary, her motto is get paid and look good doing it. Gemini?s beauty seems to freeze the ballers in the hood like an ESPN correspondent reporting on the game. But there?s one she?s been thinking about making her Boo Thang lately. Kano and his crew of Land Pirates specialized in the only creed a pirate knows which is taking money.

The Land Pirates weren't your average crew of stick up kids, they lived by the pirates code a strict set of laws written in stone by their former founder Black. But since Black?s untimely death the band of thieves seem to be forgetting the laws they set forth for themselves. Kano struggles to try to figure out which one of his pirates has committed mutiny, while trying to cool the heels of one of the fast ghetto starlets in the mix in Gemini. Her overwhelming personality seems to be throwing him out of gear not only with his crew, but with his wifey Trina. The one person that was really closer to him than the sheets he slept with. She knew all his secrets. Secrets that could get him killed.

Grease a hard head addict that use to be handling before he decided to experience the other side of the pipe, has his mind on three things. Getting back on his feet, getting control of the city, and getting his old Boo back Gemini, even if that means killing Kano a young hustler he once employed. Grease knows his only way off the bench is through Curt an old school hustler who has been supplying the hood for years. When Grease goes to see Curt he finds the old man?s face warm with a smile of life for death. Grease's road to redemption will be more bumpy than sled ride down a rocky cliff. Grease and Kano aren?t the only ones that want Gemini. Conners and Carter two of the city?s top watch dogs want her too. Especially after the murder of a well known street hustler and she?s caught with some funny money. With so much love in the air for Gemini you gotta wonder who will she choose for her Boo Thang.


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