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Rat Hunters by Aaron Bebo


When Pawn was on the streets he ran with the WOLVES, but when he is sentenced to twenty years for shooting and paralyzing his girlfriend Kyann; in the midst of a double cross. He realizes he’s no longer part of the pack, and joins a new gang behind bars called The Rat Hunter’s. Only right after being snitched on by his girlfriend. But running with the Rat’s has made the one time stud eager to resurface early. So he hires a lawyer and heads back to court in hopes of giving sometime back.

Out in the streets the one time kids were now grown thugs stepping in the shoes; he and so many other gangsters’ had left vacant. Pawn’s little cousin Peanut had just blew trial for the murder of a cop, and would be pacing in a cell for the rest of his days; according to the courts. So as Pawn’s headed to try and get out he’s coming in. Ready to bring his thug to the next level, but he must first realize; life in these cages’ were much different from the wild jungle he just left. You can hold the beast in captivity but you can’t hold the beast.

Pawn knows his quickest way to freedom is through cold hard cash. Luckily for him he still had enough spoils stashed around to foot the bill. But what he doesn’t count on is Kyann appearing back on the scene seeking the same thing she had wanted twelve years before; revenge. He soon realizes he is a lone wolf, and not only that the double cross is back on. Prison was checkers. Freedom is chess. He had to think like a king and move like a pawn. The game he had left had changed and now everybody seemed to be crossing the next man, or even worse squealing…


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